Stanislav Khromov

I speak at meetups and WordCamps. I am also a recurring guest speaker at Berghs School of Communication where i give lectures on web design, programming and e-commerce.

You can find videos and presentations of my talks below.

Unleashing the Power of Claude Artifacts with Svelte and Sonnet 3.5

Porting a vanilla JavaScript library to Svelte 5

SvelteKit service worker demo

This Week in Svelte @ 14:30 in the video

Realtime chat in SvelteKit using

This Week In Svelte @ 54:11 in the video

Dynamic component loading in SvelteKit

This Week In Svelte @ 14:48 in the video

Building a mobile app with SvelteKit and Capacitor

This Week In Svelte @ 6:45 in the video

GitHub Repo

Self-hosting SvelteKit with a VPS, Docker, CapRover and GitHub Actions

Svelte Society

GitHub repo

WordPress CLI for aspiring hackers

WordPress Stockholm meetup group, November 2019


Bygg Gutenberg-block med Advanced Custom Fields

WordPress Stockholm meetup group, November 2018

No video available – see slides below.


Hur väljer man rätt WordPress-tillägg?

WordPress Stockholm meetup group, February 2018

No video available – see slides below.


Building the right WordPress administration interface for every user

WordPress Stockholm meetup group, January 2017


Rätt gränssnitt för rätt användare (Swedish)

WordPress Värmland meetup group, September 2016

No video available – see slides below.


Why PHP 7 will be a game changer for WordPress

WordPress Stockholm Meetup Group, February 2016


Providing a great editing experience with WordPress and Shortcake

WordPress Stockholm Meetup Group, September 2015


Content personalization and paywalls with WordPress and Varnish

WordCamp Norrköping 2015, August 2015


The WordPress Object Cache

WordPress Stockholm meetup group, May 2015

No video available – see slides below.


Building Excellent Web Experiences with Advanced Custom Fields and Visual Composer

WordCamp Norrköping 2014, April 2014


Full-stack impostor syndrome sufferer & Software Engineer at Schibsted Media Group