Stanislav Khromov

👋🏻 Hello! My name is Stanislav Khromov and I am a full-stack software engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden.

👨‍💻️ I mainly like to work with modern JavaScript and TypeScript. My favourite technologies right now are Svelte/SvelteKit and React/Next.js.

🐘 I have many years of experience with modern PHP-based development in WordPress and Laravel. I am a WordPress Core contributor and developer of dozens of WordPress plugins. Lately I’ve been working a lot with Gutenberg – the new React-powered content editor in WordPress.

🐳 I am passionate about containerized development using Docker and have experience running complex applications on Amazon Web Services.

🔨 I work at Schibsted in the development team responsible for the most popular website in Sweden –, which has over 4 million daily visitors.



I work as a software engineer at Aftonbladet (Schibsted Media Group).

My days are mostly spent working with Node.js-based microservices, React & Svelte frontends, Docker for containerization and AWS CDK for building infrastructure. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information.


Open-source and writing

Open-source is one of the most important fundamentals to a free and open world. Most of the code I write outside my job is on GitHub. I also develop and maintain several WordPress plugins.

I write, mostly about technical topics right here on this blog. I also have a blog filled with hundreds of general-purpose code snippets.



When people meet, amazing things happen. I organize meetups, events and hackathons. I am currently a co-organizer of Schibsted Hack Day, Svelte Society Stockholm and the WordPress Stockholm Meetup Group.

I have been the lead organizer for WordCamp Stockholm multiple times and have been a recurring teacher in web fundamentals and web development at Berghs School of Communication.

Recent projects

Appreciation Jar

Appreciation Jar is an app where couples can send encouraging and appreciative messages to each other to strenghten their relationship. Visit to read more

Unwanted Cloud

Unwanted Cloud is a website aiming at reviewing smart devices from a privacy-conscious perspective. It highlights the potential pitfalls of smart devices and data collection, and aims to inform consumers and offer them privacy-preserving product alternatives.

Sälj Smart

The Swedish real estate market is one of the hottest and most crowded in the world. This makes it difficult for individual apartment sellers to be seen in the noise.

Sälj Smart offers sellers the opportunity to be seen by more prospective buyers by boosting their real estate ads in the channels where spend hours every day – social media.

Visit Sälj Smart

Useful Snippets

The Useful Snippets blog started as a personal project in 2013 where I wrote down how to accomplish common day-to-day computer tasks, such as checking for open ports on your computer or importing MySQL database dumps.

I quickly noticed that the blog proved to be popular on Google and more than 300 posts later the site recently celebrated its one millionth visitor.

You can visit the blog by clicking here.

WordPress plugins

Over the years I have published and maintain a number of WordPress plugins on as well as on GitHub.

Latest blog posts

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Photo credits: Emile Perron, Stephen Phillips and Guillaume Bolduc.

Web Developer at Aftonbladet (Schibsted Media Group)